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Women's Steampunk Gothic Steel Boned Bustier Corset and Ruffles Skirt

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Please choose the correct size according to our Below Size-Chart.

Details & Fabric

Fashion Women's Steampunk Corset and Ruffles Skirt Set

Corset features:
-Vibrant jacquard pattern overlay the whole corset
-Front design: clasp closure
-Back design: cord lacing
-Side design: double faux leather buckles
-Modesty panel: Yes

Skirt features:
-Skirt Made by satin fabric, with wide elastic waistband
-Lace floral trim overlay the whole skirt
-Asymmetrical high low length
-Zipper closure at back

Material: Spandex 82% Nylon 18%
Boning: 12 steel boned( 10 spiral steel bones plus 2 flat steel bones)

Great for women wedding party, fashion show, halloween, cosplay or other themed occasion, wearing this sexy costume you will be charming in the steampunk themed parties

Necklace not included

Size Chart of Corset (inch)
S/Waist:24-25.0? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.1/13.8
M/Waist:25.5-26.5? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.1/13.8
L/Waist:27.0-28.0? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.1/13.8
XL/Waist:28.5-29.5? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.1/13.8
2XL/Waist:30.0-31.0? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.1/13.8
3XL/Waist:31.5-32.5? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.5/14.2
4XL/Waist:33.0-34.0? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.5/14.2
5XL/Waist:34.5-35.5? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.5/14.2
6XL/Waist:36.0-37.0?? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.5/14.2

Size Chart of Skirt(inch)
S/Waist:23.5-29.5? Front/Back Lenghth: 15.8/28.4
M/Waist:25.0-31.0? Front/Back Lenghth: 15.8/28.4
L/Waist:26.5-32.5? Front/Back Lenghth: 15.8/28.4
XL/Waist:28.5-34.5? Front/Back Lenghth: 15.8/28.4
2XL/Waist:30.0-36.0? Front/Back Lenghth: 15.8/28.4
3XL/Waist:31.5-37.5? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.5/29.1
4XL/Waist:33.0-39.0? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.5/29.1
5XL/Waist:34.5-40.5? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.5/29.1
6XL/Waist:36.0-42.0 ? Front/Back Lenghth: 16.5/29.1

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