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2019 Winter Holiday Notice

Carey Clovis

Posted on January 07 2019

2019 Winter Holiday Notice

2019 Winter Holiday Notice

Delivery Warehouse Holiday Start From 01-Feb-2019 , End on 10-Feb-2019.

Factory Holiday Start From 20-Jan-2019 , End on 12-Feb-2019.

From 20-Jan-2019 to 20-Feb-2019, we can only send products what are in our Delivery Warehouse.

If you are planning to place an order online, we suggest you could order before Jan 24th or 25th, if you order late,we can NOT guarantee your order can be shipped before Feb 1st. And because there are many orders before holiday, we will deal with them according to the time of payment. So we can not promise to send out all orders before holiday.
If we can not ship out your order before holiday, we will send U a Notice before our holiday and arrange the shipment on Feb 11st once we come back to work from holiday.
And of course, you also could place order during the holiday, we will deal with it as soon as we come back to work.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank you very much for your long-time and great support, we will try our best to serve you better in the future.
Best Regards
Kiorio Team

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